ICIC seeks to influence inner city investment and community development and to provide a forum for business and civic leaders to share best practices and accelerate action for economic revitalization.

Currently, ICIC measures its impact in the following ways:

Transforming Thinking and Revitalizing Inner City Economies

ICIC believes that the perception and misperception of America’s inner cities are one of the largest barriers to building strong inner city economies.

  • ICIC has helped more than a dozen cities throughout the US develop strategies in collaboration with hundreds of local business and civic leaders.
  • In the nonprofit sector, foundations and community organizations are focusing on market-driven approaches and universities are establishing inner-city programs.

Driving Investment in Inner Cities and Creating Business Opportunities

ICIC is in the business of identifying inner-city market opportunities and accelerating inner-city business growth.

  • Over $2 billion in equity funds have been committed to domestic emerging markets using ICIC’s theories and data.
  • Companies that participated in the Inner City Capital Connections program have received more than $140 million in funding from investors.
  • Retailers and banks are increasingly investing in inner city locations and showing strong economic returns and profitability.
  • Participants in the Inner City 100 program have seen increased business opportunities due to the recognition they received and contacts they made.

Engaging Public, Private, Government and Non-Profit Leadership

ICIC has established partnerships with leading corporations, government entities and foundations. Recent partners include: 

  • Corporate Partners: Bank of America, The Boston Consulting Group, Chevron, and Staples
  • Government Partners: Economic Development Administration and the U.S. Small Business Administration
  • Other Organizations: U.S. Conference of Mayors and Brookings Institute
  • Foundations: The Ford Foundation, F.B. Heron Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and Surdna Foundation