National Network for Action

About The Inner City Economic Forum

The Forum is the country's only national leadership network focused on business-led inner city economic development. It was founded in 2003 to create a national movement around the revitalization of America’s inner cities. It is a unique organization that engages leaders and practitioners from a variety of organizational sectors to work across boundaries to collaborate and develop inventive solutions with substantial impact.

The Forum’s Leadership Network

Forum members represent a dynamic national group of thought leaders and opinion shapers from cities across the U.S. They include:  


Civic Leaders

· Mayors
· State treasurers
· City councilmembers
· Agency commissioners

Private Sector Executives

· Financial investors
· Real estate developers
· Inner city entrepreneurs
· Fortune 500 CEOs
· Business services providers


Public-Private Partnerships

· Chambers of commerce
· Community development corporations
· Economic development agencies
· Professional associations

Institutional Practitioners

· Research and academic   institutions
· National foundations
· Federal agencies

Why Engage with the Forum? 

Forum members bridge their diversity to work together towards a common goal: the economic revitalization of America’s inner cities to create jobs, income and wealth for inner city residents. They believe that building a sustainable economy and accelerating revitalization in urban areas depends on private, for-profit business development.

In addition, Forum members are existing and emerging leaders and achievers in their fields who engage with ICIC and each other because they share the following characteristics:

  • An interest and work focus on economic development, business growth and investment in the inner city.
  • A commitment to making a difference in local, regional, and national economic development strategies for inner cities.
  • A desire to collaborate and work with like-minded individuals to accomplish goals and objectives for inner city revitalization.
  • An objective to promote business goals that can simultaneously achieve both community and economic returns