ICCC New York Event

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Got Funding?  

In these lean times, only the savviest entrepreneurs will survive and thrive. Capital access is critical to the success of every company today, whether you are implementing new systems, revamping structures and processes, or expanding in size. It is more urgent than ever to secure funding that supports your company's growth. What should you do when your traditional funding sources are no longer available? Entrepreneurs in the know turn to Inner City Capital Connections.

Who Should Apply?

  • Companies headquartered in or having 51% or more of their physical operations in an economically distressed urban area of the US.
  • For-profit corporations, partnerships, or proprietorships that have revenues of more than $2 million in 2008. 

Why Attend ICCC New York?

1. Discover the full range of financial options available to grow your business
2. Build and strengthen relationships with investors
3. Obtain one-on-one feedback from seasoned investors and consultants
4. Optimize your business growth strategy
5. Promote and display your company products or services

New York 2009

ICCC New York 2009 (November 18-19, 2009) provided opportunities for participants to meet with equity capital providers who are seeking investments in America's underserved communities. At the ICCC coaching session, companies refined business plans and practiced pitching their plans to equity providers. During the ICCC welcome reception and equity matchmaking session, inner city entrepreneurs met investors, business mentors, peers, customers, and suppliers.

Inner Cities are defined as core urban areas that currently have higher unemployement and poverty rates and lower median income levels than the surrounding Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

Still unsure if you are an inner city business? Contact Hyacinth Vassell at